About Norfolk West Gallery Quire

The Norfolk West Gallery Quire has recently been reformed with new members and new enthusiasm.

We’re dedicated to bringing back to life the music that was an integral part of worship in England for 150 years  – from about 1700 to 1850.

We rehearse in Holy Trinity Church, Spooner Row (near Wymondham) fortnightly on Wednesdays. We’re always looking for new members, singers as well as instrumentalists! No previous experience is necessary, just a basic ability to read music and a willingness to enjoy yourself!

See us in action! This was filmed at our open workshop With Heart and Voice on 22 June 2019:

“We sung the Old Varsion of the Psalms, or sometimes the Noo Varsion, any on ’em we liked and anywhen we liked, too. No, vicar, he didn’t care what we sung, and told us to bawl out what we pleased, s’longs we didn’t bother him.”

Listen to the quire singing a verse from “A new patriotic ballad:The Little Island shall be free.”

Want to find out more about West Gallery music then read this article in the Church Times

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